About NMG

Here's the problem.

You have a construction business and solid engagement on your social profiles with real potential for growth and monetization. Manufacturers show interest with offers of small financial compensation and free product. Years tick by and the copious amount of time and money spent producing, editing, engaging, investing in media equipment and networking not breaking even with sponsorship. You’re burnt out because you can’t stay organized and contractual accountability is leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Now you have a garage full of “compensation” of no use to you and mixed feelings about maintaining your public domain. You’d love to take your influence “next level” but you can’t quit your primary job and live on air. You don’t even know where to start. The struggle is real…

The construction tool corporate industry can be a daunting road for the public figure to travel that leaves you feeling confused, undervalued and overwhelmed. Let Nation Media Group (Nation MG) partner with and support you (the construction industry public figure) to build your capabilities, develop your business and drive culture transformations in support of stronger financial performance and health.

Reach out to us so we can help you find your way to healthy and stable growth.

Our Expertise.

At Nation Media Group, we work to transform our partners’ organizational culture to become more process and data driven for business development. Developing foundational business structure and financial management is the most critical controls driving sustainable and long-lasting change to build opportunities. We provide:

  • partnership
  • marketing
  • financial
  • technology 
  • human resources and more

We are passionate about creating strategy and enhancing effectiveness within our partner companies. The results are a positive value shifts making brand messaging clear allowing our partners’ operating model to be a tactical architect for successful and profitable business.

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